Because it’s not a state park, this beautiful property remains relatively unknown, and sits just on the edge of the city of Napa. Continuing left (west) on Skyline, it's a gradual climb to the park boundary where the trail follows the fence line on easier trails. Formal equestrian facilities were added. The lease agreement included informally drawn boundaries on site maps, with a stipulation that a more formal legal description of the property would be made at a future date. “A lot of courses are flat and shots become muscle memory. A formal picnic area was built using tables donated by Bothe-Napa State Park. A favorite for running is the River to Ridge Trail, a 5.6 mile out and back to Kennedy Park. The volunteer group ncorporated as the non-profit Skyline Park Citizens’ Association (SPCA) and contracted to manage the development and operations of the park as a concessionaire on behalf of the County and the community. Ends at Marie Creek Trail southwest of Lake Marie. “The beautiful thing about the course is that it drains really well,” Paul said. Today CNPS grows local native plants for use in the park and elsewhere in the valley, and holds regular sales to the public. partnership arrangement. Numerous ups and downs to the north end of the park (1010’ elevation). 10 spacious horse camping sites, each site will accommodate 2 horses, 2 rigs, with water and picnic table. Park Facilities: The trail rolls over a liitle hill and you are back at the park entrance. Cattle grazed the land through a rental agreement for many years prior to the park being leased to the County. The path had great views of Napa valley but also wilderness, we even saw deer on our hike. Skyline Park is a trial that is great for all kinds of rides. Other longer and moderately challenging hikes can be found at Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa. Skyline Wilderness Park and Napa Solano Ridge Trail: This out-and-back trail is for hardy hikers and careful equestrians and mountain bikers. here. It was during this period that the park began to be known as an outstanding venue for large events. Large gathering space (2,275 square feet): Located south of the park entrance, the social hall includes a conference room, event kitchen and serving station counter. River to ridge trail has techy climbs and fast … Feral pigs loved the park as much as the local community and became the nuisance that they continue to be today. They created a foundation to support their work in the park. Professional grade archery and disc golf ranges are highly sought out by enthusiasts from all over California.Picnicking and event facilities serve both the local community and organized groups. A small barn donated to the park was installed and expanded to become the Social Hall that exists today. A tool shed and pump house were built and infrastructure was expanded in the developed areas. He was playing on it Monday, despite a weekend of rain that left most of Skyline Park too soggy for hiking. Begins from Marie Creek Trail near end of Manzanita and the Fig Tree. In tournaments, you can’t make a forward-motion follow-through if you’re within 30 feet, so you have to have a straddle stance.”. Brisk climb on main Skyline Trail, 16% grade (776’ elevation). Just take a look in their trail system section . Skyline Wilderness Park is located in the hills immediately east of the town of Napa and rewards hikers with great terrain from oak forest and grassland to lakes and mountain tops. 4:40. An archery club joined the mix, carving out an exciting range for their members and the public. They forged trails. Skyline Regional Park features miles of trails for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. The riparian vegetation includes white alder, California bay, willow and big leaf Maple. To date, a formal legal description has not been prepared. The park also connects to the San Francisco Bay Trail and the Napa River Trail. Begins from lower junction with Lake Marie Road, the Skyline Trail, and Buckeye Trail. Animals: The park is home to many animal species, with raptors, deer and large flocks of non-native turkey among the most noticeable. Skyline Park is one of the few, if not the only, park in California and possibly nationally which is operated entirely by volunteers under this type of public-private Enjoy & research Napa, California with trail guides, topo maps, photos, reviews & GPS routes on Continue down 0.2 miles, 11% grade. The Skyline Park course is hillier and tighter than most disc golf courses, said Napa resident Marvin Paul, who led a small group that built it 14 years ago. St. Helena in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park and enjoy the view of the San Francisco Bay Area or, on clear days, the top of Mt. Regional trail systems connections: The Park is host to a section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which is planned to eventually connect south to American Canyon, east to Solano County, and north to northern Napa Valley. A beautiful loop hike just under 6 miles, located in Napa's Skyline Wilderness Park. Ends at Kennedy Park near the Napa … The signature Napa trail run, Skyline Wilderness Park includes miles of varied trails. Also by the end of that decade, the invasive plant species, star thistle, was edging out the feral pig as the top nuisance in the park, and signs of mountain lions were causing concern for the SPCA, who worried about The hike to Lake Marie was beautiful. Skyline Wilderness Park Welcome to the Skyline Wilderness Park nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Napa Valley. The skyline trail we used to hike down- I would not want to hike up that one … “You want to have back-up discs in case you lose one in the bushes, because you have only three minutes to find it. If you doink the basket, the disc might go rolling 100 feet backward. Westwood Hills Napa County, California. Paul manages the course and organizes work parties to maintain it. This trail runs between the Solano County line at its Southern end to the Northern boundary of the City of Napa at Trancas Park. The Buckeye Trail might be my newest new favorite. The cows stayed on in the park for several years after the park opened, providing a sure source of income. Hospitality area: There is a small gathering facility at the southwest corner of the range. Stop at various wineries in Napa and Sonoma and ride safely in an … There are nearly a dozen trails within the park so getting turned around or not ending up back where you started can definitely occur. It’s all about making birdies. Several holes are only 250 feet or so, but when you’re going uphill, it’s like you’re playing an extra 100 feet. Multiple loop options for the return. Disc golf was one of many events there, probably the most popular one, with Ultimate (disc football) being a fair second.”. Drop down (162’ elevation) and then climb to Bikers Bypass, 14% grade (465’ elevation). “ I remember riding my horse through the brush, finding the best route,” says one equestrian who participated in the early work. 122 reviews of Skyline Wilderness Park "Incredible park located right off Napa Valley Highway before entering downtown Napa. It's managed by a non-profit organization formed to protect the area. There are 39 spaces available in the park. They installed fencing, a parking lot and an information kiosk. Sightings of mountain lion, peregrine falcon, rattlesnakes, coyote and bobcat are often reported in to the information kiosk. Topography ranges from 100 to 1650 feet in elevation and provides views to Mount St. Helena to the north, Mount Diablo to the southeast, to San Pablo and San Francisco Bay to the south, Mount Tamalpais to the west, and Mount Veeder to the northwest. As disc courses go, ours is shorter and more technical. Explore. There are 15 miles of trail to ride, through wooded forest, valleys and hilltops. Bike Somm 1,126 views. The 1990’s brought more people to enjoy the park and more organizations to help program and operate it. Lower Skyline trail forks from the main trail at the lower junction. Paul, who has been playing disc golf for 30 of his 47 years, takes a lot of pride in his creation. The community was welcomed with a huge open house on May 14th of that year. In 1998, a disc golf club began working with the park to set up a range. Begins from lower junction with Lake Marie Road, the River to Ridge Trail, and Skyline Trail (208’ elevation). Not a lot of people know about it, even though it’s the second-busiest activity at the park next to hiking.”. The ride from the parking lot starts in a city park and follows a bike path for a few hundred yards before the trail starts. If … Skyline Wilderness Park Mountain Bike, E-Bike, Hike, Trail Running, Horse trails near Napa, California. Patches of open grasslands are also found at various locations elsewhere in the park. The Skyline Trails, located near Napa, are a complex of mountain biking trails that are vigorously maintained by a volunteer force to ensure the best riding conditions possible. On April 15, 1983 Skyline Wilderness Park opened its doors for the first time. Come and enjoy an overnight stay. In the heat of the summer, enjoy the shady Marie Creek Trail up to Lake Marie, or for a longer trek, take the Skyline Trail past the lake, and connect to the Bay Area Ridge Trail. google_ad_width = 160; Drop down for 0.65 miles, 20% grade, ending on Skyline Trail. The lease stipulated that the property would be developed and used as a public park consistent with a General Development Plan approved at that time or as subsequently amended. If you’ve never been to Skyline Wilderness Park: That same year, a dozen telescopes were set up in spring and fall to give the community a chance to gaze at the stars. //-->. Skyline's website has all of the trails mapped real well so no need to reinvent anything here. Flat to end at junction with Chaparral Trail. They sponsored re-vegetation and education programs and developed the Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden. Riparian vegetation extends along the length of the creek feeding into Lake Marie at the southeast end of the park, through the length of the park into Lake Camille. Trail drops and then rises (893’ elevation). A well-maintained 2.3 trail loop over rolling hills culminates in great views of the Napa Valley. All of the activities have been developed to serve the parks’ purpose of providing a nature based recreational facility just steps from the entry gate. The SPCA held their planning and problem solving meetings in local schools, banks, each other’s homes, and at the Valley Bible Chapel, until they finally came to rest in the business office in the Social Hall. Tent Camping by special arrangement only, Contact the Kiosk. The SPCA welcomed the public, learning what worked and what didn’t as they went. Water resource conservation value is great. Eventually, however, they wore out their welcome, tearing up trail sign posts and getting into other bovine mischief, and the grazing Watch for the interesting stone fences and avoid the barbed wire. “We had big work-parties and whole families came -- the kids helped too.” The park couldn’t open without restrooms, so chemical toilets were installed. Continue on the main trail to peak, 24% grade, then down, 20% grade. The soil doesn’t hold the dirt back, so it’s a constant battle to keep those dry during wet season.”. Eagle Cycling Club’s involvement grew, and they donated bicycle racks and a bicycle for trail patrol. The Ritchey Canyon Trail at Bothe-Napa, however, is an eight-mile round trip journey through thick redwoods and over babbling streams. 25 acre range: The fenced range consists of open, rolling terrain to the east of the main entrance with 42 targets, operated by Silverado Archers Inc.(NFAA). This park is a great destination for a nice all day hike, or even better yet some biking. Concurrently, SPCA opened a tent campground, and two new trails, including the Rim Rock trail to the summit of Sugarloaf Peak. School groups began to make more organized use of the park’s amenities, as the Boy and Girl Scouts had for years. Traverse the five miles to the top of Mt. This developed area provides staging and activity areas for the many large-group events that take place in the park each year. In 1979 the State determined the land was no longer needed for State purposes and initiated the process of selling it as surplus property. You have to consider laying up because you might have a cliff behind the basket. Napa Skyline - River to Ridge and Buckeye trail Awesome loop in Napa Skyline Wilderness Park. There are different skill levels, and for the entry fee participants also receive a gift packet that includes a commemorative tournament T-shirt and disc. Gentle rise for 1.13 miles, 6% grade (587’ elevation). The tent camping area has space available for up to 20 tents. Also a FRISBEE golf course, horse back riding and much more. © 2019 Skyline Wilderness Park. google_ad_slot = "0628764628"; Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa Valley is nestled within a few minutes’ drive of bustling Oxbow Public Market. The 850 acres which make up Skyline Park lie in unincorporated Napa County just outside the southeast edge of the City of Napa. 6.4 miles 6.4 miles one-way for hikers, 6.5 miles one-way for multiuse route (plus 4.8 or 4.9-mile return; alterative return route possible) This section of the Skyline Trail at Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa, California is an easy to moderate 1.2-mile one-way trail that connects the northern trailhead to the Buckeye Trail and features beautiful views of Napa Valley and the Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area. In Skyline Wilderness Park’s more than 850 acres, visitors can find a wide range of facilities and amenities through which to enjoy the park. A long-term solution for this problem has yet to be found. The lands are spectacular. 16 trails with 94 photos The northern flat portion of the park is primarily open grasslands consisting of mostly of non-native annual grasses and a variety of native and non-native forbes. Continue to peak for 0.28 miles, 20% grade (844’ elevation). South Canyon Wall, Skyline - Lake Marie Loop is a hiking adventure located in or near Napa, CA. Begins from lower junction with Lake Marie Road, the Skyline Trail, and Buckeye Trail. Numerous ups and downs and technical areas. The club host a number of tournaments each year for target archers and hunters, Individual, family, large group picnic facilities (One large group area, three wilderness areas), Striped, paved day use parking (58 spaces) and additional informal parking at the social hall. Napa River Trail segments include: