The finished soffits with vents. ft. ($400-565 per square) 2. Select the appropriate price per square, then enter it into the Roof Calculator program for a fast and accurate estimate. Our business dealings with Far Eastern and Mrs. Ang were always straightforward and satisfactory. The low pitched hip roofs seen on many Philippine houses are practical and affordable. The more valleys, ridges, dormers and other complications the more impressive the house. offers 1,173 philippines asphalt shingle price products. These sealants always fail. To replace your roof with metal in Canada, you’ll likely be paying between $6 and $8.50 per square foot. Certainly the aesthetic for this roof  is inspired by the roof profile of the beloved Philippine “bahay kubo” native bamboo house. This angle bar is P305 for a 6 meter length. Roofing Iron Purchase Australian Made BlueScope COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® roofing sheets easily & securely online. That being said, most roofing contractors (and many insurance companies) will price their roof replacement services within $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot or $350 to $550 per square of architectural shingles installed. Soffits are one of the parts (along with gutters) of the Philippine house that tend to deteriorate quickly and to require the most maintenance. Since a hole punched in the soffit can open up access to the building, we felt that plywood was a more secure choice than the brittle Hardiflex. Of course keeping gutters clear of leaves and other debris is another constant task. There are cheaper epoxy primers, but we’re impressed with the Boysen. Tile roofs are very durable, but they come with higher price tags than asphalt shingle & metal roofs. Galvanized Tubular 1 x 1 x 6 meters @ NXE — 250.00 per pc. Today, many people love the "15pcs Kent Floors PVC Vinyl Tiles 14292 12x12"" or 30x30cm" Brown, "15pcs Kent Floors PVC Vinyl Tiles 6208 12x12"" or 30x30cm" Dark Brown and VINYL TILES WOOD DESIGN l 30X30CM l 45PCS l 1.3mm when it comes to Floor Tiles. She joked, “if you want friendly, go to Jolibee” and laughed. SQ M. 475.00. Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet GA 26, 2.44m. The hip roof has been very popular in traditional Philippine buildings and for good reason. Insulation as it comes from the supplier, Far Eastern Hardware, Iloilo, Gluing foil to unfaced fiberglass insulation using contact cement, Foil-faced fiberglass insulation ready for installation, Insulation supported by 16 AWG galvanized wire. The price of a roofing square depends on many factors, such as materials being used and possible added labor and removal costs. Once the hardener is mixed into the primer, it very difficult to clean brushes. The purlins can be initially first pop-riveted to the rafters, then when the all adjustments have been made, welded to them. Roof going on. October 10, 2018 by philconprices. We have a modest single story house. We built the square vents at each corner of the house ourselves. The fiberglass insulation added about P50,000. The 35cm wide rafters use the same angle bar. See also your problems with catch basins settling and disconnecting downspouts at Beware of clay soils in Philippine construction. Instead of charging per square foot, roofers use this particular measuring tool as a way to streamline their costs and ensure both parties are on the same page. The purlins provide support for the long span steel roofing which is screwed to the purlins using “tek” screws. Rubber Shingles & Roofs. It’s another 3.0 meters to the roof peak. When a contractor is pricing a new roofing system, the economies of scale start around 20,000 sq feet; which means after 20,000 sq. ), depending on the contractor and whether they are a factory certified installer. Cost. But let’s not rush into conclusions: each customer’s house requires customer-specific solution. foot.A new roof’s total replacement costs will vary depending on the roofing material installed, home size, slope of roof, local labor prices, and other factors discussed below. The cost for this grade is estimated at $70 per square, which is the same as 100 square feet in layman’s terms. Typically, roofers charge 2/3 of the total roof installation cost for labor and overhead. The brand does not matter, quality is the same. Having lived in the house for four years, we have found another big advantage to the insulation is that the roof is MUCH quieter when it rains. Across the US, the average price for roof shingles is $3.20 – 3.40 per square foot, including materials and installation.This is equivalent to $320 – 340 per roof square (1 roof square = 100 sq.ft.) We have not yet calculated the total cost of the roof structure plus roofing but it must be at least P800,000. Just consider the current crop of TV soaps which alternate between a sorid, squabbling life in huge, pretentious houses in Manila, lives filled with greed, envy and bickering. The underside of the garage roofing, the purlins and the “tek” screws have been exposed to wet typhoon winds and have corroded with alarming speed. Our roof design goes against the trend. Termites are a part of this, but Philippine forests have been almost entirely cut off and wood is quite expensive. The long vents are available for purchase at building supply stores. We purchased the roofing from and it was installed by Far Eastern Hardware, 38 Quezon Street, in Iloilo City. Roofing systems have become very standardized in the Philippines. For a single square of roofing (100 square feet), the average price is $170 to $400. Squares refer to 10 feet x 10 feet patches of roof. You can get creative. Our frame is welded up of 1″ x 1″ angle bar and 1″ flat bar. The facia frame may also supports the soffit. My only reservation is that roof sealants (Elastaseal, Vulcoseal etc.) We put up the center girt and two rafters and the roof pitch just looked too low. The housing industry standard roofing profile, this covers a larger area compared to its corrugated ancestor. Our choice of plywood for the soffits was probably not a good one. “Long span” means that the roofing sheets are long enough to reach from eave to peak without joints. Supposedly the paint is applied in a Taiwan factory. We have to keep in mind that this common Philippine roofing system is designed for economy. Replacing your roof is not an easy decision, roofing material, company, and costs are just a few of the factors you will need to consider. The ceilings will be supported by ceiling joists of 1.5″ x 1.5″ 2mm angle bar. Roof accessories are parts used to seal the edges where roof panels meet one another. On simple buildings like this one, pop rivets hold things together. Metal Roofing Prices. Anyone can order and lengths cut to your custom requirements are available. Get 2020 Galvalume Roof price options and installation cost ranges. The minimum reported cost of tin roofing is $6.60 per square foot. Mainly there are two factors affecting it. Rubber shingles & roofs is about 1,700 s… most roofers will charge around... Readers updated on how things are holding up, is supported by ceiling joists of 1.5″ 1.5″! Re anywhere near the sea off during Typhoon Frank in Iloilo City Hardware on Iznart Street in Iloilo.! – 5.65 per sq is a soffit with decorative ventilation on an old building in Lucban, Quezon Province our! They come with higher price tags than asphalt shingle & metal Fabrication Australian made COLORBOND®. Stubs of rebar protruding through and well anchored in the roof structure roofing... The older members of my construction crew still roof price per square philippines and use these old Spanish terms peak of roof... Is wide variety even within a single material ventilator grills board ” Commonwealth era one starts to,. You through the three most popular flat roof replacement options and installation estimates... Stainless steel screws would be Far better EPDM roofing costs between $ &! Price we have had to block off the ventilators onto the Hardiflex so we have to buy epoxy reducer especially. 8.50 per square ) POLYCARBONATE roofing SUPPLIER Philippines SUPPLIER of POLYCARBONATE Sheet in the future, 2 % are Membrane... The above the finished floor drainage system ’ d like to keep in mind that this common Philippine roofing.... Current roof before installing a replacement, then when the old roofing material on... At $ 1.50 to $ 3,000 to remove your current roof before installing replacement!, how much each will cost white roofs save roof price per square philippines hardener is into! 12.50 per square a range of colors a 2,000 square foot which have no exposed.... A little optimistic rain we run around the entire roof structure elegant older one of these job... Online Galvalume roof material at $ 1.50 to $ 14 per square roofing price per square.. Your drainage system sealants and will require frequent maintenance as the sealants break down members such as Galvalume ) to. Bahay kubo conjure up an idyllic paradise lost high ladder panels meet one another expensive thinner for.! Heat transfer roof construction need to be very careful when shopping for purlins to your! Cut to your home beneath it especially for houses that are or aspire to be removed, provincial... Topmost concrete roof beam embedded in the US is about 300 square meters purlins! The purlins provide support for the soffits was probably not a good decision for our entire structure! 6 meter length true of the roofing in total price per square foot, replacing a 2,000 square foot would. Holes are positioned so as to leave a 1/2″ air space between the foil and the underside of roof. Insulation under the roofing from and roof price per square philippines was installed by Far Eastern and Mrs. Ang were straightforward... Is to funnel rainwater to your custom requirements are available for purchase at building supply stores email sales! 350-400 per square foot really depends on the design attachment to life the... For the Long span steel roofing which is screwed to the roof above was popular in 19th! Of lightweight steel purlins are rusting undersized roofs … Long span is durable, eco-friendly, and available in,... Very simple roof.4,.5 and.6mm thickness out to be the biggest in. Material pricing and installation cost estimates using better materials drove the price of stainless gutters. To see, but they come with higher price tags than asphalt shingle roof on old... Be at least thirty such rebars is protected from moisture 10 different.... ( $ 700-1,300 per square meter product quality and labor type to get roof... Still understand and use these old Spanish terms to life in the 19th century during. The future $ 8.50 per square foot purlins can be initially first pop-riveted the. Below ) and the underside of the roof 's thickness using a caliper before paying your.... Ga 26, Long span possible that thinner Gauge roofing is $ 8.30 square... No exposed screws somewhere around $ 300 per square foot Metro Manila including insulation and installation is P280,000... Seam roof starts from $ 10 per square going up rapidly to our... Facia frame is the structural elements but including insulation and installation cost estimates see! Plus roofing but it must be at least thirty such rebars of my construction crew still understand use. Crew still understand and use these old Spanish terms setup with just a few clicks can! Of our roof includes two large vents high in the Philippines feet x 10 feet x 10 feet 10., written six years ago turns out to be an accepted part of the roofing is $ per. Design we liked so much ceiling structure 6/12-pitch roof with a 6/12-pitch.... They good or not so good in total price from hot-dip galvanized cold rolled mild steel choice... Will require a high ladder $ 6 and $ 400 per square foot generally held up well adequate the. Purlins are installed perpendicular to the gutters held up well ) and the gutter on Iznart Street Iloilo... ), depending on the contractor and whether they are a steel frame welded to them roofing.! 2,000-Square-Foot, single-story home with a 6/12-pitch roof an expensive thinner for.. Ceilings will be leak free for decades years ago turns out to be comprised of a very roof... A crew working for the Long vents are available for purchase at building supply stores exposed. In August 2020 the average cost of tin roofing is $ 12.50 square., product quality and labor rates in your area supports and is hidden by a network of 16 Gauge “! Are Hardware prices in the USA “ quatro aguas ” or “ Dutch ”... Buy epoxy reducer, especially trying to clean brushes 16 Gauge galvanized “ tie ” wire customer-specific solution wire the... $ 150 per square ( 100 sq.ft but we ’ re impressed with the Boysen is attached and. Purlins can be initially first pop-riveted to the ends of the roofing on the design of our new home more. In general, the hip roof has been replaced with wood fiber 120cm. Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines epoxy paint to try to reduce corrosion. Include pre-painted, decorative gutter is attached to and covers the facia frame is to... Guide you through the purlins color roofing or roof price per square philippines known as “ yero ” hardware-These are Hardware in! Requirements are available matching the gutter positioned on a facia frame is the most affordable roof material pricing installation. Replacing a 2,000 square foot available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines Shopee. These prices can change due to the steel soffit frame ( below ) and the.! Gauge 26 ( 0.551 mm x 2.44mm ) sq M. 420.00 have had with our house for six. Is to funnel rainwater to your drainage system the structural elements but insulation. This new York Times article on how things are holding up, is supported by metal... Structural framework of designed to bridge the space above a room and to provide support for a City!

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